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If you’ve tried to quit smoking without success, it’s not your fault. It’s just that nobody has given you the right information. You don’t need patches, hypnosis or vast reserves of willpower. You just need the four steps explained in this book.

It doesn’t matter how much you smoke (at one point I was on 60 cigarettes a day!) or how long you’ve been a smoker. I will show you how to quit once and for all.

You can do this and, what’s more, you can do it the easy-ish way!

The Easy-ish Way To Quit Smoking (Kindle)

  • This is the Kindle version of 'The Easy-ish Way...'. The file extension is .mobi

    You do NOT need a Kindle device to read this! You just need Kindle reader software. You can download this FREE (just Google for it) and it runs on just about any device.

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