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Super Psychic Readings

This book teaches you a complete system for giving any type of personal reading to anyone, anywhere.

There are countless ways to give people readings: tarot, astrology, palmistry, graphology, psychometry and so on. These types of readings are traditionally referred to as 'psychic' readings but in this system they are called personal readings, with no psychic ability expressed or implied. (I have to put 'psychic' in the book's title so that people know what it's about. If I called it 'Super Personal Readings', it would be less clear.)

The Super Psychic Readings system is the most versatile ever devised. It enables you to give any type of reading you want and get great results every time. No scripts, no 'stock' lines and very little to remember.
I've given more 'test conditions' demonstrations of personal readings than anyone, and my readings have been rated as '99.9%' accurate. This book explains my complete system.

The main points of the SPR system are:

  • You don’t have to learn much or go on a lengthy course of study. You can learn all you need to know in a day or two.
  • It’s the most versatile system you can learn. It enables you to give any type of reading you want (tarot, astrology, palm... whatever). You can even make up your own type of readings!
  • It doesn't involve a key, trigger or association system and there are no stock lines, so every reading is fresh and different.
  • It’s fun for you, and you won’t ever get bored, because you never give the same reading twice. You can also be sure that your client will not have heard the same lines elsewhere.
  • It’s very easy once you get the hang of it (although you do have to practise).
  • You will be able to get amazing ‘hits’ and strong “How could you have possibly known that?!” reactions.

The SPR system is best suited to giving short, informal readings, which is the type of reading the book refers to most often. However, you can use it to give longer readings if you want to.


Section 1: The Joy Of Readings
Introducing The SPR System
Getting Started
Three Golden Rules
Step 1: ‘Wrapping Paper’
Step 2: Themes
Step 3: Templates
Step 4: The Journey Principle
Step 5: First Readings
Step 6: Responses And Revisions (How To Never Be (Completely) Wrong)
Step 7: Tips And Refinements
Step 8: Additional Themes
Step 9: Additional Content
Step 10: Attributes Analysis
Step 11: Ethics
Step 12: How To Start Giving Readings (From Theory To Practice)

SPR System Summary

Super Psychic Readings

  • Paperback book. 22.86 x 15.24cm / 9 x 6 inches. 160 pages.

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