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About Amazon KDP


I use the Amazon KDP print-on-demand platform. When you order one of my books (thank  you), I pass the details to Amazon KDP and they print the book at whichever of their many print facilities is nearest you. Then they deliver it using a tracked courier service.


This is actually a pretty good service. It's reliable and it means I can supply books from my desk to just about anywhere on the planet. However, I can't sign books (which some people ask me to do) because I literally never see the book that gets delivered to you.

It's not an instant service. They can't supply 'next day delivery' because they aren't supplying from stock. Under normal circumstances, delivery used to take about 7 - 12 days. When Covid came along, this added a few extra days of delay.

If you're interested in my writing services, and in particular if you want me to help you self-publish your book, I can guide you through the whole Amazon KDP process.

I can't supply to most addresses in Switzerland because of a strange 'trading zone' restriction. This has nothing to do with Brexit — it was an issue even before Brexit was thought of.

If you're in Switzerland, you can get my books but you just have to order them from Amazon instead of from me.

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