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How Much I Charge

If you hire me as your ghost writer, or to help you with a self-publishing project, how much will it cost?

Please read about 'The Stages Involved' before you look here. There's no point talking about payment until you know what you're paying for.

When you and I work together on your book, I can't tell you exactly how much I'll charge because every book is different. Also, as I say in 'The Stages Involved', you can have as much or as little of my involvement as you want at every stage of the publishing process.

In very general terms, for small books and projects I tend to charge in the region of £2.5 - 6k. For larger and more long-term projects, my fee can be anything from £6 - 50k. It all depends on the amount of time and effort involved. Please note that these fees only apply to my services as a ghost writer and have nothing to do with my other services.

I always work on a 'flat fee' basis. Once you've paid me, that's it. You don't have to give me a percentage of sales or anything like that.

One last point: it's not 'dead money'. If you pay for a car or some new furniture, that's it... the money is gone forever. When you pay me to work on your book, the usual plan is to put the book on sale so that it will start to make money for you. I can't guarantee that you will get all your money back and eventually move into profit. However, this is possible. Most of my own books have paid for themselves many times over and I know that many of my clients, for whom I've 'ghosted' books, have also recouped their money and ended up with a profit.

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