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Writing Credentials

Below is the informal summary.
If you want my formal CV / Resume, just click and download!

1982 - 87

I worked as a writer/producer for a couple of creative media and marketing companies. What I particularly loved about the work was the sheer variety.

  • Clients: from small local firms to giant multi-nationals.

  • Purpose: training, promotion, factual, technical, procedural, fun and entertainment.

  • Media: print, video, audio and live presentations (the web hadn't been invented yet).


Clients included: Fisons, Boots, Bostik, Raleigh, GEC Marconi, British Shoe Corporation, Exxon and CONCAWE (petroleum conglomerate), British Sugar, Rank Hovis McDougal, Pedigree Petfoods, Savoy hotels, Lloyds British, C&A and Prudential.


1987 - 88

A former London Stock Exchange director set up an ahead-of-its-time company called International Finanacial Strategies. My role was to convert currency trading data from a team of economists into readable daily and monthly financial reports and investment advice. Alas, the marketing was terrible (I wasn't involved) and the company went out of business.

1988 - 97

Succumbing to the lure of the I.T. industry, I joined a wonderful company called Synon in north London. At first I was a lowly technical writer, producing systems and end-user docs. The company then asked me to create and manage a Documentation Department, writing and producing everything the company needed: internal publications, technical docs, training materials, marketing/promotional literature and, in fact, anything anyone asked for. Wonderful years!

1997 - 99

I started working as a freelance writer and handled a range of contracts (usually 3 to 6 months) for various companies. It was fun never knowing what the next adventure held in store! 

Clients included Cambridge Technology Partners, the Woolwich Building Society, ITS, Hyperlink, Thames Water and, to be honest, anyone with a requirement and a budget. It was challenging work but highly satisfying.

1999 - 2000

I did some contract work for Valtech, a global software and training company. Apparently impressed, they made me their UK Head of Sales & Marketing — a role I loved. It was all going well and then they merged with a Danish company. They suddenly had two of everything (two CTOs, two Heads of Marketing etc.) so several people were 'let go' including me. It was nice while it lasted!

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2000 - present

I work for myself as a writer, trainer and consultant. My corporate clients have included The FBI, Google, Coca-Cola (Lisbon), Marks & Spencer, The British Olympics Team, The Ministry of Defence, Hewlett-Packard, Capgemini, Kier Contruction, Iceland, The Crown Estate, Medtronic, London Business School, Unilever, McKinsey & Company, Eurostar Testing (Gothenburg), HP Testing (Copenhagen), Rabobank (Utrecht), the STARR Summit (Philadelphia), 'Human Hacking' Conference (Orlando), Oxford University, Cambridge University, UCLA and Monash Univeristy (Melbourne).

During this time I've also published about 15 books on cold reading, overcoming addictions and working for yourself. In my role as a 'book midwife', I've also helped numerous clients to publish their own books. Life is good!

This colourful little graphic celebrates some of the clients I've worked for.

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