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Self-Publishing: The Stages Involved


Here are the main stages involved in getting your book finished, on sale and making money. At every stage, you can have as much or as little input from me as you want. Remember all this self-publishing information is available in this free pdf booklet, which you may find more convenient. Just click and download!

Planning And Writing

We can handle this in several ways. (1) You write your book as best you can. I go over it, revise it, tidy up the English and suggest improvements. (2) You tell me the ideas you want to include and refer me to sources and research materials. I do the rest. (3) I interview you (online if necessary) and create the book from our conversations as if you had written it yourself. (4) Any other arrangement that suits us both.


The book will probably go through several drafts and development stages. I can provide all the editing and review services you need, correcting all the grammar, syntax and punctuation as well as suggesting stylistic and structural improvements.

Page Layout

Up to this point, your book will consist of one or more text files created using your favourite word processing software (I use Microsoft Word). The 'page layout' or 'desk-top publishing' phase is where we convert your work into something that starts to look like a proper book. I will do this for you but you get to make all the key decisions so you get the book you want.

Graphics And Cover Design

I'm not a graphic designer although I can create simple diagrams and graphics. For anything more advanced, including the cover design for your book, I can recommend a very good graphic designer that I've worked with for years and whose rates are very reasonable.


I don't usually offer a proofreading service because, as everyone knows, you can't proof your own work. However, I can recommend good people, whom I've used before, to take care of proof-reading for you at reasonable rates. Alternatively, you can hire a proof-reader from any freelance hire site.

Publishing via Amazon KDP

I can guide you through the whole process, including technical details such as getting an ISBN for your book and adding the corresponding barcode to your cover. Your book will then be available for the whole world to buy!

Preparing The Kindle Version

I can prepare the Kindle version of your book or recommend a good agency to take care of this for you.

Creating A Website To Sell From

Once you publish your book via Amazon KDP, it's on sale to the world. If you want to create a simple e-commerce website so that you can also sell your book directly, I can either explain how to do this or do it for you. It's usually a good idea to have both internet and direct sales.

Marketing And Advertising

I can show you how to market your book successfully, including promotion and advertising. I'm the former UK Sales & Marketing Manager for a global company and can also offer 20+ years online sales and marketing experience. If you want to study keyword research, Google ads, tag management, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Facebook ad micro-targeting and so on, go right ahead! Alternatively, you can just let me guide you through the process.

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