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These are all real people and honest opinions!

“Ian is a brilliant writer, editor and consultant and marvellous to work with. If there was a word for going beyond going beyond going beyond the call of duty, Ian would know what it is, and would've written this testimonial a lot better than I have! Seriously, if you want any help writing or publishing a book, or want a ghostwriter, Ian is the expert'.

— Lee Hathaway, author, 'Happy Busy Magician'.

“I have used Ian's business writing services several times over the past few years. Among other things, he helped us to prepare the English version of an important new business book (translated from the original Norwegian). The book is part of a strategic business initiative and therefore high value for us. Ian offers a superb combination of great writing, good business advice and also the ability to listen and really understand his client’s challenges. He is great to work with.”
— Amund Fjeldstad, Managing Director, Fjeldstad and Partners, and founder ''

“I cannot recommend Ian highly enough. He is extremely professional and trustworthy and very experienced when it comes to writing and publishing. Don't hesitate to use his writing services!”

— Joe Zhou, author, 'The Startup Founder'.

“Thoughtful advice and carefully crafted words professionally delivered are what you can expect from Ian”

— Rebecca Bryan, Director, Amenuensis Ltd.

“Ian is a very effective technical writer. He added value to every aspect of our corporate communications. I strongly recommend his services.”

— James Batchelor, Managing Director, Alteracall Ltd.

“After nearly a decade of intending to write a book and getting in my own way, Ian not only cleared the path but also acted as my expert guide throughout the authoring journey.
Ian’s structured approach, attention to detail and overall rigour in his work are matched only by how much he cares about producing a quality product and the efficiency of his process. Exceptional across the board.”
— James Tripp, author of 'Hypnosis Without Trance'

“I’ve known Ian for a number of years. As well as being very supportive when I was developing my new business he also wrote some fabulous copy for me. If you need something written and want to add a little ‘zing’ then Ian is your man. Thoughtful, kind and a master with words.”

—  Claire Lincoln, Coach and Self-Esteem Mentor


“Ian knows everything there is to know about clear, expressive writing. He also understands business and effective communication. He has added tremendous value to my business and I cannot recommend his services highly enough.”

— Mike LeGassick, Director, Manning and Company Independent Financial Advisers


“Ian is an excellent writer who has greatly helped me to grow my business and shown me how to use print and web media effectively.”

— Lynne Kelly, author ‘Songlines’ and many other books


“Ian is a very talented writer who finds the right words for whatever you're trying to achieve — whether for business or other purposes.  I've known Ian for over a decade and have used his services many times. When I was preparing my book, 'Crypto Profit', I asked Ian to work with me on the planning, structure and editing of the book. It's now Number 1 in its Amazon category. I have no hesitation in recommending his services.”
— Peter Bryant, author ‘Crypto Profit’


“Ian has unique writing skills that allow him to convey complex ideas with clarity and persuasion. His presentations are concise, elegant and convincing. Every time we required Ian’s help, he delivered more than he promised so I heartily recommend him.”

— Sacha Jenkyn


“Ian is a very capable writer and a very good teacher/trainer as well.”

— Lee Warren, speaker and trainer, Invisible Advantage


“Ian’s penmanship is absolutely phenomenal. The way in which he weaves together stories, lessons, humour and wisdom in his writing is unique, highly entertaining and always makes for a riveting read. As a writer, speaker, and trainer, I cannot recommend Ian highly enough.”
— Yasmina Ellins, Entrepreneur


“If you want a writer, or someone who can help you with any writing project, I strongly recommend Ian, the Word Wizard. In my opinion, and that of many other people too, he’s the best there is.”

— Gary Turner, hypnotherapist, author of 'No Worries'


“Ian is a true wizard of wordsmithery. He helped me to write my website and even came up with the perfect strapline for my business. He's my ‘go to’ guy for writing, cuts out the waffle and always knows exactly what to say — and he’s fast, too. If you need words, you need Ian!”
— Marika Rauscher, singer and vocal coach, ‘The voice of choice’


“Rudyard Kipling said, ‘Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind’. Ian can supply you with words that are extraordinarily creative, incisive and persuasive. He’s an excellent communicator and trainer, too!”

— Paul Craven, speaker and trainer, Paul Craven Associates


“I've known Ian for a long time and he's a very dependable writer. I always turn to him for a bit of help with my own business stuff and I know many others who do the same. Some people just have a delightful way with words and Ian is one of the best.”

— Eva May Nicot, ‘The Good Witch’


“Ian is often referred to as the ‘Word Wizard’. He knows more about how to write things well than anyone else I know. If you need a ghost writer, or would like help with a writing project, he’s the guy you should get in touch with.”

— James Brown, author ‘Professional Opportunist Wrongless Approach’


“Having known Ian a number of years, I've never met someone so eloquent and articulate. His abilities with words are outstanding and truly something to behold. A true master of the written word.”

— Laura Hockenhull


“I give everyone the same advice: if you want something written, go to Ian, the Word Wizard. He’s a nice guy to deal with and he delivers the goods.”

— Drew McAdam, entertainer and mindreader


“I’ve known Ian for years and I love his style of writing. He has helped me no end of times and I can not recommend him highly enough.”

— Kerry Scorah, professional magician and entertainer


“If you want words, you want Ian. Simple as that.”

— Peter Houppermans, security analyst and expert, EBGuard


“Ian is a gifted and super impressive wordsmith of seemingly endless versatility. He can craft succinct and dazzling prose on pretty much anything. In my experience he’ll not only go the extra mile, but the extra marathon, to fulfill a brief. He’s also one of the funniest and wittiest people I know which makes him a blast to work with.”
— Kate Saunders, journalist, author and authority on Tibet


“When I give Ian a writing assignment, it means I can breathe easy. I know that what he sends back will be well written and exactly what I was after. He saves me a lot of time! And if you want to learn how to be a writer, you couldn't find a better teacher.”

— Jaq Greenspon, Professor of Creative Writing

“If you need anything written, or you'd like help writing something, then Ian is the writer to hire. He is very professional and incredibly knowledgeable. He's the writer I turn to every time.”

— Jayne Corrigan, magician and entertainer

“If you’re trying to write a book but find writing difficult, get in touch with Ian. He’ll make it an enjoyable, efficient and successful experience. He helped me immensely with my book, ‘Persuasion Games’, which subsequently became a bestseller.”

— Gilan Gork, persuasion expert and author of 'Persuasion Games'

“If you're looking for a freelance writer, Ian's the man. He's both creative and technically proficient and, in my experience, seems to be able to write just about anything. I always trust him with my writing requirements or questions.”

— Chloe Bowie, writer and traveller

“I've known Ian for years and I always enjoy reading his work, no matter the subject. Besides being a lovely person, he has an incredible ability to write about a vast range of topics that amazes me every time. He captures the essence brilliantly as well as including original points of view, making his books fun, intriguing and informative. I would recommend his services any day!”

— Nina Recko, freelance advertising and film producer

“Ian is a brilliant writer. He helped me polish an article for my blog, turning it into a readable and engaging piece. I recommend Ian to anyone looking for help with writing."
Matthew Dennis, online entrepreneur

“It takes great clarity of thinking and writing talent to produce the definitive guide to psychic readings. Ian has both these skills in abundance — trust me, I read many of his publications. The fact that he can also guide you through the publishing maze using the shortest and simplest route, makes him a great companion for any aspiring author.”

— Dimis Michaelides, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant, in Leadership, Creativity and Innovation

“As a proofreader, I’ve had the opportunity to read every word of several of Ian’s books and many of his columns for The Magic Circular. I enjoyed reading them all, as Ian is an exceptionally good writer whose dry sense of humour pervades his work.”

Barry Cooper, AIMC, winner of The Magic Circle’s Cecil Lyle Award for 2017

“Ian's special talent lies in his ability to communicate useful information about self-improvement, business, psychology and, yes, magic to diverse audiences around the world. For those outside the world of magic and mindreading, let me tell you that Ian is very highly regarded in the trade. When I was Editor of the Magic Circle's magazine, I asked Ian to write a column on mindreading, which he did for 12 years to great acclaim.”
— Matthew Field, Member of the Inner Magic Circle

“For five years, Ian was a Contributing Writer for MAGIC Magazine, providing a monthly column as well as numerous feature articles. His material was always well-written and right on time, making him very popular with both our readers and our production team!”

— Stan Allen, Editor, MAGIC Magazine

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