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The Friday Puzzle Picture

The Friday Puzzle Picture is a silly bit of fun. Nothing more and nothing less.

I create a puzzle that is absurdly simple and obvious. My friends play along as if it's a genuinely difficult puzzle. They offer ingenious solutions as if the puzzle involves deep analysis, thoughtful insights and (depending on the puzzle) reference to research materials, scientific papers, historical facts and so on.

These 'solutions' completely ignore the real (and obvious) answer. In fact, no one mentions any aspect of the 'real' answer. For example, if the obvious answer is that I've added a picture of a duck to a famous painting, the one thing no one ever mentions is the duck

Players also sometimes comment about how hard this week's puzzle is and whether the 'tariff rating' is fair.

I comment on the solutions and award stars to those making what I deem to be a good effort!

I publish the 'solution' on the following Saturday or Monday and congratulate the winner on their success. The 'substantial prize' is totally fictitious but everyone acts as if it's real. 

It's a completely silly, pointless bit of fun. If we haven't got silliness, we haven't got anything.

If you like this sort of thing, please join in. The more people who post, the more visibility the FPP will get in the Facebook universe. If you introduce friends to the FPP, please have them read this page first so they know how to play.

If you don't like this sort of thing, you're free to ignore it. 

Love to you all,

- Ian

- - -



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