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I'm Part Of The 'Human Hacking' Conference

Last year I took part in the 'Human Hacking' conference, which was held in one of the vast Disney hotels in Orlando, Florida. The conference is about psychology, security, minds, influence, communication and how people think. It was pretty much the finest conference I've ever been lucky enough to be part of.

This year, they're running it again but as an online event, meaning that people from all over the world can take part (without having to fly to Florida). It's going to be something special.

My own small contribution will be a new, one-off talk about 'How to make minds go wrong'. This will last approximately two hours. The title is meant in a rather tongue-in-cheek way to refer to practical, ethically positive modes of persuasion and influence.

The line-up for the conference is as varied as it is impressive (and I don't mean because I happen to be involved). I strongly recommend that you check it out, sign up and take advantage of the $200 discount I'm allowed to offer. Conference info:

$200 registration discount:


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