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You do not have a weight problem. You have an information problem and it's not your fault.

If you have struggled to lose weight, relax. Don't worry. The only reason you've struggled is because nobody ever gave you the information you really need. This book changes all that.

For thirty years I was addicted to sugar and starchy foods. I became seriously overweight and, eventually, obese. Every day I fought my addiction and every day I lost. Time after time, I tried to lose weight but nothing worked. Then, in my late fifties, I found the answer. I was able to get rid of my addiction once and for all, lose weight and get fit. Best of all... it was easy! No heroics, no problems, never felt hungry.

I weighed 116 kg (256 pounds) when I started. Seven months later, I weighed 76 kg (168 pounds). Loss of 40 kg or 88 pounds. Plus I got fit enough to go jogging for 5 and 10 km.

This book tells you everything. It explains what I found out, how I did all this the easy-ish way and how you can do it too. I guarantee this book will change how you think about the whole issue of weight loss and fitness.

No diets, no myths, no going to the gym (unless you want to). Just the information you really need that no-one else gives you. It's all clear, straightforward and easy to put into practice.

You can lose all the weight you want and get as fit as you want to be. I promise this book will show you how and it's not difficult! In fact, it's easy-ish. (Definition of "easy-ish": it does involve some effort but never so much that you'll feel like giving up.)




"I bought 'The Easy-ish Way To Lose Weight And Get Fit' because I knew Ian Rowland from his work in entertainment and liked his style. The content however, goes beyond what I could have expected. His approach to coping with weight issues actually applies to anything you want to achieve in life. In just a few chapters, Ian clearly and concisely describes how most of us try to approach anything we want to accomplish by willpower and fail, and then presents a straightforward alternative plan that actually works. I am not yet even haflway through this journey, but I already like it very much. This book is very well written and accessible for anyone trying to change their eating and coping habits. No short term fixes but sustainable change. I cannot recommend it enough." 
— Prof. Dr. Markus Pfeil, Germany.

- - -

"This book is absolutely fantastic. It breaks down the process of losing weight in a pragmatic, no fluff, evidence and experience-based way. Ian dives deep into the pillars of psychological mastery, diet and exercise and turning a healthy lifestyle into a highly pleasurable and fulfilling experience. A very insightful manual for overcoming any kind of addiction in my opinion. Ian has gone through a long and arduous struggle to uncover all of the gems of wisdom laid out in here. Save yourself the trouble and just get this book!"

— Yasmina E., London.


- - -


"There are a ton of very important social issues all at a head right now. In such an environment it is almost inevitable that personal health will not always be practiced as it should. It feels great to make your own bread. It feels great to eat homemade bread. But if that is being added to your diet it is going to show up added to your scales as well. I know from experience.

My good friend, Ian Rowland, a couple years ago started on a weight loss journey and was phenomenally successful at it. Now he has written a book about how he did it and how you can do it too. The best part is that this is a very simple and relatively easy system. You won’t starve yourself. You won’t be working out 2 hours a day... unless you want to. You will be taking simple actions to improve your eating habbits which in turn improves your health and if you want, your weight as well.

I’m not just bragging up some friend’s project. In the first week I lost 5 pounds. I’m already a quarter of the way to losing the 20 lbs I have put on since I stopped those crazy six days a week workouts by Beach Body. I feel better and I can feel the difference in my body already. You know those clothes that have been getting slowly tighter month after month? That process is now going the other direction!

Find out how I am doing this the easy-ish way by checking out Ian’s book. Highly recommended!"

- Tom Cutts, US

- - -


" This book tackles losing weight in a new and different way. It’s not what to eat or not to eat. It more how to eat. The author promotes mindful eating, and common sense, using the mind rather than pages of recipes. All I know is that it works and after trying countless diets and eating plans, that made no difference whatsoever, I’ve now lost five pounds in a week."
- 'Angel', UK


- - -

"This book is amazing! Ian's unique approach to an overly saturated weight loss market is nothing but brilliant. His writing style makes it easy to follow with some genuine 'laugh out loud' moments. As a man in his mid forties, who has struggled with his weight, it's a huge relief to finally find something that I can relate to and use."

- N.S., UK

- - -

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The Easy-ish Way To Lose Weight And Get Fit

  • Paperback book. (23 x 15 cm or 9 x 6 inches). 144 pages.

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