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'The Moon Carrier' is my book of original romantic poetry. It's where verse, romance, love, magic, puzzles and wordplay are all woven together. You'll find a poem in which the same lines, read backwards, create an entirely different poem. Another in which the same words, laid out differently, make the impossible suddenly possible. Some of the poems are funny, some poignant and sad, some drawn from real life and others not.

It's the perfect gift for anyone of a romantic spirit. Also, a great gift to give to your partner, to someone you'd like to be your partner, or to any happy couples you know. 


It's a circus of words unlike any other. Here are poems that describe the love you have known, love that has flown and love you will one day call your own.

Here are magical verses, tricks of the light and delicate sleight, hiding their secrets in plainest sight; plays of love that love to play, twist and fake, surprise you as they change their shape.

Here are words of enchantment, sadness and dreams, a versical maze of love's many scenes, its truth and infusions, joy and confusions, wrapped with words of seductive illusion.

Welcome to The Moon Carrier. One hundred poems about love, romance and tea. With illustrations by Francesca DeWinter.

The Moon Carrier

  • This is a paperback book. 180 printed pages. Not available in Kindle form.

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