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Think Link by Ian Rowland

This is for all of my friends in the magic and mentalism community.

What is it? A new way to prove to anyone that (a) they can read your mind, or (b) you can read their mind, or (c) you can predict their thoughts. No sleights, props or gimmicks, not even a nailwriter. No forces or ambiguity. You can do it almost impromptu.

What's the effect? Well, you can devise lots of routines with Think Link but here's one version I love to perform. You have two blank business cards and there are just four steps.
(1) On the first business card, you write the initials of someone famous. You don't let the spectator see what you write. It could be the initials of just about any famous person.
(2) You turn this card over, sign it and write down the time.
(3) The spectator makes a guess about whose initials you wrote and her guess is written on card #2.
(4) The spectator turns over both cards. Her guess matches what you wrote. She has no idea how this happened! No impression devices -- it is clear that what is written on card #2 is not just a copy of card #1.

100% convincing. When performed correctly, there is no way for any layperson to figure out the secret behind Think Link. Many people don't react to Think Link as if they've seen a 'magic trick' at all! They think it's for real! 

If you buy Think Link, you get a 56-page booklet explaining everything you need to know in detail.  This is supplied as an immediate digital download. It is a .pdf file. It's not a e-book or a Kindle. It's a .pdf file

This is the best thing I've ever dreamed up for my friends in the magic and mentalism community.

- Ian


Think Link

  • Think Link is supplied as a .pdf file. You can read it using any form of Adobe Acrobat software. Most digital devices know how to open and read a .pdf file automatically.

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