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Why You Should Publish Your Book


Publishing your own book is a wonderful thing to do for many reasons. Here are just some of them.

(1) It's hugely satisfying! At the moment, your book only exists as an idea or an ambition in your mind. You will find it immensely gratifying to turn your idea into a real book that you can hold in your hands, show to people and, of course, sell. If you work with me as your ghost writer, or your guide through the self-publishing process, I'll help you to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

(2) Your book becomes your roving, global representative. Once you publish your book, you never really know where it will end up. Books get loaned, given as gifts, shared, talked about, taken on trips and passed around. Many people will get to know your book before they get to know you! It's amazing how many friends you can 'meet' and contacts you can make just by getting a book out.

(3) A book is a great 'authority prop'. Publishing your own book is great for your status, reputation and credibility. If you'd like to offer talks and training, or get invited to speak at conferences, having your own book is a great asset.

(4) Building a passive income. You may not be particularly concerned about making money from your book. Nonetheless, it's highly satisfying to build a passive income for yourself — to know that people all over the world are buying your book online without you having to lift a finger! You can even make money in your sleep! I love providing all the writing services I offer but I particularly enjoy helping people to discover the joys of having a passive income.

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