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Free Stuff From Ian Rowland


Here are three free items for all my friends in the magic community. Any magician can help themselves to these three items. Feel free to share this page with all your friends in the magic world.

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There's only one item I sell. It's a close-up mentalism item called 'Think Link', costing £15, which has its own page here.

Back to the three free items. Just click on the images below and you'll get the free pdf.

1. 'Tricks And Stuff'. In Feb 2023 I was invited to give a lecture at The Magic Circle. I started scribbling some lecture notes and they turned into this 116-page book. It's completely free. You're welcome to share this .pdf file with your magician friends or just share this page with them. Click on the cover image to get the pdf.

2. '50:50 Fantasia'. How to win any 50:50 bet or proposition for the rest of your life. Totally impromptu, no props or gimmicks. I used to sell this but now I'm giving it away. Feel free to share the .pdf file with your magician friends.

3. 'The CAT Test'. A fun telepathy idea for magicians and mentalists to play around with. 

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