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Think Link From Ian Rowland

What Is Think Link?
Why No Performance Video?
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A Note For Non-Mentalists

I know a lot of people. If you are not a magician or mentalist but have somehow found this page, please don't bother buying this item just to find out 'the secret'. You won't get any value or use out of it whatsoever, I promise.

What Is Think Link?

Think Link is the best thing I've ever invented for all my friends in the mentalism community. As I say in the booklet, I don’t know of any more useful, more versatile or more convincing effect than this.

What's the effect? Well, here's one of several possible presentations. There are just four steps.
(1) You have two blank business cards and a marker pen. You write something on the first card, without letting the spectator see.
(2) You sign this 'prediction' and record the time for later reference.
(3) After a bit of preamble about 'psychic' ability, the spectator tries to guess what you wrote. Her guess is written on the second card.
(4) When she turns over both cards, she finds she was 100% correct. She has no idea how she got it right!

At the end, the spectator can keep the two cards and everything is exactly as it would be if there was no trickery involved.

This is just one possible routine. Basically, the premise can be (a) the spectator reads your mind, or (b) you read the spectator's mind, or (c) you predict the spectator's thoughts.

The routine can involve any small pieces of information that you can write on a business card, such as the initials of famous people and celebrities, or two-digit numbers, or even playing cards written in abbreviated form (e.g. 6D for the six of diamonds).

No sleights, no gimmicks, no forces, nothing to switch or ditch.  No preshow, no ambiguity. You don't need anything except two blank cards and a pen. 

You can adapt Think Link to any type of performance but it works best as an informal close-up item, performed one-on-one. 

Once you have  learned Think Link properly, you will know that, for the rest of your life, no matter who you meet, you will always be able to read their mind or have them read your mind. Many spectators don't react to Think Link as a 'trick' at all. They think it's real.

Why No Performance Video?

I've created a short promo video for Think Link.

However, it doesn't contain a full performance of the routine. Let me explain why not. Think Link doesn't involve any props, devices or gimmicks. Not even a nailwriter! All I'm selling is know-how and a very deceptive routine. If I presented a complete performance video, I would to a large extent be teaching you the routine as described in the booklet. 

I appreciate you might say 'no performance video, no sale'. So be it! I quite understand and I'm sorry I won't be able to welcome you as a customer.


Think Link costs £15 (15 British pounds or GBP). The shopping cart takes care of currency conversion. You receive an instant download link to a 56-page illustrated booklet, in pdf form, explaining Think Link in detail.


What Is Think Link
Why No Performance Video
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