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About Kindle Files

(1) You Don't Need A Dedicated Kindle Device To Read Kindle Files


You do not need a Kindle device to read books in the Kindle digital format.

You can download Kindle Reader software free of charge. Just google 'Kindle Reader software' and take you pick of all the download options. It runs on just about any device: desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.

A book in Kindle format has the .mobi file extension. This is just like any other file — you can save it to any directory you want, on any device you own.

(2) Downloading And Installing

If you download Kindle files from Amazon, the file automatically ends up in the correct directory on your device.

When you download a Kindle file from my site, you may have to do a little bit of extra work — but it's not hard and it will work. Thousands of readers have downloaded my Kindle books and said they can read them just fine.

You just have to load the file into whichever directory your Kindle Reader software 'expects' to find books in.

If you want to save the file so you can read it on your phone, you will have to save it to some other device, such as a laptop or tablet, before you then copy it to your phone. I don't know why you have to do this. It's just the way the universe works.

​If you have any problems, just google how to 'side load Kindle file' and you'll find tutorials and explanations galore. 'Side loading' just means moving a .mobi file to the right directory so the Kindle Reader software can see it and open it. It's so easy even I, as a humble freelance writer, can do it.


Side Load Kindle File image.jpg

If you have any problems and want to contact me, you're welcome to do so. However, I can't really suggest anything other than the information provided above.

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