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Writing Services

Freelance Writing

I provide a 'whatever you want' writing service. Having been a freelance writer for about forty years, I can say I've written just about everything for just about everyone (my credentials are here). On this page you can see the type of projects my clients most often ask me to take care of. If you're wondering if I can write what you want, just ask!

When reading the sections below, remember you can also see:

Ghost Writing

My number one speciality! I love being a ghost writer because it's fascinating work and every project is different. Got an idea for a book? I will help you get it written, on sale and making money. I provide a start-to-finish service and you can see more details here.

Business, Marketing And Promotional

Your business communications are important! I can help you with sales and promotional copy; business and marketing plans; onboarding emails; persuasive presentations; training materials; your website and more. In fact, I've helped more companies to sell more products than anyone else you're likely to meet: petfood, engineering services, pharmaceuticals, plastics, bicycles, insurance and even tank turrets (yes, seriously). See my credentials and examples of my work.

Technical Writer

The I.T. industry was my home for about ten years. As a full-time or freelance technical writer, I was responsible for creating a vast amount of tech literature for both print and screen. Need a good tech writer fast? I've never missed a deadline in my life and I love a challenge! One-off assignments or short-term contracts welcome.

I Will 'Ianify' Things For You!

Clients all over the world send me material and simply ask me to 'ianify' it! This means I fix any errors, improve the writing and style where necessary, make the sure the spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar are perfect and then send it back! This is a fast turnaround service.

"Hey Ian, just ianify this for us, will ya?"

My clients send me messages like this all the time. They pay, I ianify it and send it back. Simple!

This service is particularly valued by overseas clients and others whose first language is not English. While they may be fluent in English, they want to be sure their promotional material and other business communications are well written and likely to make a good impression.

Want me to ianify something for you? Get in touch!


How To Be A Writer

Being a writer is the best job in the world! It's a job you can do from home or from anywhere and the variety is just wonderful. I've been a professional writer for about forty years and I don't think any two days have been the same.


Are you wondering how to be a writer? Want to know how to make writing your job? I can help. It's not the easiest business to get into but if you love writing, and have an appetite for hard work, it can be tremendously rewarding.


I offer training and coaching that covers how to get started, where to find work and how to succeed in what can be a very competitive field. See here for more details.

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